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Is keto worth it when weight loss is not the goal?

I’m currently M/5’9-5’10″/155lbs-ish (fluctuate up and down like most people).

I started running really, really recently and I’m currently doing about 2 miles in 20 minutes, 4 times a week. That’s about all the exercise I get besides my 30 minute walk to work (one way) monday-friday.

So, is keto still worth it for me?

Yes, I eat a ketogenic diet because I think it is the most healthy. I feel mentally and physically better than on higher carb and the health markers look great. I have been 10 years on “raw paleo low carb” and this year on < 20 grams of carbs. Weightloss / maintenance is just an extra feature as my bodyfat has always between 10 and 15% since I have been doing this.

You get so many benefits… especially when you get older when things slow down. I am 43 now and still lean and fit. I work hard and play hard. And if I look at other people from my age I also know I’m doing something that works.

Oh, and read about ultrarunners on keto. Very interesting. I’m a rock climber and yoga / pilates addict.

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